Kind Words and Why You Shouldn’t Load 2,000 lbs in a Dodge Caravan

Kind Words and Why You Shouldn’t Load 2,000 lbs in a Dodge Caravan

So the other day I was at Home Depot (I call it the guy’s version of thrifting) picking up supplies for a backyard clubhouse I’m building for my kids. Okay, it was supposed to be a chicken coop until we found our homeowners association doesn’t allow them…sigh.

When life gives lemons…

Anyways, I roll up to Home Depot in every guys dream truck — a 2017 stow-n-go Dodge Caravan (thanks Uncle Charlie for the recommendation). Since I’m building a 10×8 shed, it took some supplies. Or, I should say, it took three cartloads of supplies! 113 fence boards, 3 boxes of shingles, 50 two by fours, 6 sheets of plywood, plus several random miscellaneous items and I was out the door.

Now came the hardest part; fitting it all in the van.

At this point it’s hard not to look like that guy who would strap a dishwasher to the top of their Honda Civic (Why is that so strange anyways???). And the looks and snickers proved it. Oh yes, the looks.

Women and guys each have these annoying habits. For moms it’s when they’re shopping in the grocery store, have a full cart of groceries, two kids hanging off their side, and pull up to the register (coupons in hand of course). That’s when another woman comes up behind them (the lane next over is open) and the sighing begins. “Are you serious?” “Guess we’re going to be here for a while!” Oh and the fake phone conversation, “I’m sorry, I was going to be home soon, but this line is taking forever!”

Any moms resonate?

Anyways, even before I started loading, the snickers and eye rolls started going. Two couples walked guy, each time the guy making a point to tell his girlfriend what I was doing wouldn’t work. Honestly, I was feeling a bit ridiculous myself.

Then, this guy pulled in next to me in a mini-van and I figured another joke was about to come. Instead, he said, “Oh, aren’t Dodge Caravans great? I’ve fit even more than that in mine!”

Funny how that little comment flipped my attitude. I was about ready to call it quits, or at least make a second trip. But one little comment by a random stranger was like a breath of fresh air. A few minutes later, I finished loading up and made it home safe and sound…with 20 MPH driving and a lot of prayers.

It got me to thinking about the comments I make to others. For anyone who knows me, they know sarcasm and dry humor are my spiritual gifts. I see humor naturally in most situations. Sometimes this is great. Other times it’s a negative and can be used to speak words of death, rather than life.

New Flash! It’s been my observation that most people are not suffering from receiving too many nice words. Most people are just a tad beat down by life and are looking for words of life.

Question: Are you a naturally sarcastic or joking person? First off, I want to hang around you more! 🙂 But second, maybe it’s good every once in a while to pause and evaluate how you joke? Do your jokes lift others up or subtlely cut them down?

Words of life…ah, they are powerful.

Oh, and try not to put 2,000 lbs in a Dodge Caravan if you can help it.