TMCP 147: JR Woodward on How to Prevent Scandals in the Church

With the recent public failings of many in church leadership, Christians are struggling to diagnose the problem. In this conversation, JR Woodward offers his thoughts on leadership structure within the Church.

TMCP 147: JR Woodward on How to Prevent Scandals in the Church

JR Woodward has been passionately planting churches on the East and West Coast that value tight-knit community, life-forming discipleship, locally-rooted presence and boundary-crossing mission for over 30 years. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Manchester (UK), and a Masters of Art in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the author of Creating a Missional Culture (IVP, 2012) and co-author of The Church as Movement (IVP, 2016). His newest book, The Scandal of Leadership: Unmasking the Powers of Domination in the Church, was just released in April 2023. This book is based on his experience and Ph.D. research. He co-founded the Missio Alliance and currently serves as the National Director for the V3 Church Planting Movement. He is the co-founder of the Praxis Gathering, writes for numerous websites and journals, and serves on numerous boards. He loves to surf, travel, read, skateboard as well as meet new people. He enjoys photography and film and tries to attend the Sundance Film Festival whenever he can.

Episode Talking Points:

  • College fraternity and a journey to Christ
  • Impetus behind the new book
  • Business models and Christian leadership
  • Two models of leadership: Christ and Satan
  • Mimetic desire and cycle
  • Imitation, immersion, instruction
  • Remissioning churches
  • Imitating Christ


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