TMCP 138: Jesse Cruickshank on Ordinary Discipleship

Real discipleship is more than a program. Real discipleship is a lifestyle that requires us to be present in the lives of others.

TMCP 138: Jesse Cruickshank on Ordinary Discipleship

Jessie Cruickshank holds a M.Ed. from Harvard in Mind, Brain, and Education. She is an ordained minister and a nationally recognized expert in disciplemaking and the neuroscience of transformation. She has spent two decades applying neuroeducation research to discipleship, ministry training, experiential education, and organization development. Jessie is respected globally as a missiological thought-leader and a church and denominational consultant and is the founder of Who-ology. Jessie lives and adventures with her family in Colorado.

Episode Talking Points

  • The incredible faith journey of Jessie's family
  • "God hardwired our brains for transformation"
  • Activating autobiographical memory
  • The limits of good information
  • The curriculum of life
  • How we read the Scriptures
  • Integration of life and the Scriptures