A Faith That Works on Monday

A Faith That Works on Monday

Recent statistics indicate that growth in Christianity is on the decline in North America. In a recent talk given by Carey Nieuwhof at the Canadian Church Leaders Conference in June, he estimates that only 5% of the Canadian population actually attends a church on a weekly basis.

But I would contend that the reason Christianity is on the decline is not only because we need more Christians at a church building on Sunday. It is because we need more Christians to put into action the truths of God’s Word to their everyday lives on Monday.

There is a statement from John Maxwell that continues to ring strong in my mind. He states, “I contend that we are educated as Christians way beyond our level of obedience.”

“I contend that we are educated as Christians way beyond our level of obedience. Click To Tweet

Christianity is not short on people who have an opinion. It is not short of people who are willing to cast stones. But there is a tremendous deficit of ordinary believers who live out the teachings of Christ in an extraordinary way.

Unfortunately, Christians have sometimes been known for building silos. We erect a building and surround ourselves with a community of people who think and act exactly like us, all the while taking mini potshots at those in other silos who think differently from the way we think. Consequently, we waste a great deal of sideways energy.

Through the Monday Christian, I have no desire to spend an exorbitant amount of time on what the church or other Christians are doing wrong. There will be very little “click bate” material. Maybe it is the ignorance of my youth but I still believe the brightest days of the church remain ahead! Because of this, I want to focus on highlighting individuals and movements who are making a difference.

Through The Monday Christian, my prayer is that this is able to inspire a fresh generation of believers to radically obey the teachings of Jesus and live out his beliefs in their current setting of influence.

I am a huge fan of what Eugene Peterson calls, “A long obedience in the same direction.” Becoming like Christ does not happen in a day. It does not happen through merely hearing a single sermon on Sunday. True transformation occurs when we connect the teachings of Christ in a tangible way to our every day lives.

It happens when we realize that God’s plan for our money should make a difference in my spending habits on Tuesday afternoon. It happens when we discover God’s picture of marriage involves how we treat our spouse after work on a Thursday evening. And it happens when we realize that God even has a plan for our entertainment and recreation.

Currently, my primary ministry calling is to establish a thriving church congregation in my city of Scarborough, Ontario. Starting this website and providing these resources flows from that passion. I want my people, who commute upwards of an hour to work every single day throughout the week, to have access to resources that will equip them to be radical followers of Jesus every single day of the week. I love nothing more than working with people who have a hunger to grow spiritually.

My guess is that you are this type of person! So take some time to look around this site, join our email list, download our free podcast, and take advantage of the resources offered.

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Thank you and welcome to The Monday Christian lifestyle!