A 2024 Plan for Growing Your Spiritual Muscles

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A 2024 Plan for Growing Your Spiritual Muscles

Last year, I struggled to find a consistent workout rhythm. I'd go a few days, stop, and then start again. It wasn't until I signed up for a daily workout app that things changed. No, I didn't become a perfect specimen overnight, but my consistency improved, and I've felt a lot better since.

If you've been a Christian for several years, there's a good chance you've fallen into a spiritual routine. You go to church, read your Bible when you can, and pray when tough situations emerge.

But as we close out 2023, I have one question: How did your faith in God increase this past year?

In my journal, I have two questions I answer each day. The first is about what I did. The second asks how my daily activity made me more like Jesus. Am I a more Christlike husband, father, and friend?

Now, I'm not going to guilt you with all kinds of statistics and say you must set these elaborate goals that you'll probably break by January 19th. But I would invite you to be intentional in your spiritual walk this new year.

As I've shared, I'm launching a daily devotional on January 1st for $9 a month, where I'll walk readers through the Bible each day and help them see how all of Scripture points to Christ. Stick with me on this program for a year, and we'll work through the entire Bible together.

Yes, it's heavier than your average devotional. Each day includes about 750-1000 words of structured content to help you better understand what the text is saying, how it points to Jesus, and how you can pray from the passage you've read.

How long will it take each day? You can read as much or as little as you want, but if you do everything, here is what you can expect your daily spiritual workout routine to look like:

    • 14 minutes reading scripture
    • 4 minutes reading my devotional
    • 5-10 minutes in prayer

Then, if you have questions or comments (which I really hope you do), I'll interact with you in the comments section of the posts and take your questions to guests I bring on my weekly podcast.

I want to make this work for you. If price is an issue, let me know. If you've got multiple family members in the same household, let me know, and I'll work something out so you don't all have to sign up for individual plans. I want this to be doable while covering the costs it takes to make existing and future content sustainable.

Are you ready to start?