TMCP 74: How Proverbs Speaks to Everyday Life [Philip Brown]

TMCP 74: How Proverbs Speaks to Everyday Life [Philip Brown]

Philip Brown serves as the Graduate Program Director and teaches NT Greek and Biblical Hebrew as well as English Bible, Theology, and Homiletics classes at God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, OH ( Philip completed a BA in Ministerial Studies from Hobe Sound Bible College (1993), an MA in Bible (1995) and a PhD in Old Testament Interpretation (2002) from Bob Jones University. He is happily married to Marianne Slagenweit and has three sons Allan (b. 2004), Daniel, (b. 2006), and Stephen (b. 2008). He is an ordained elder in the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches and is passionate about rearing God-loving, Kingdom-building, world-changing children, and about virtually anything to do with the Bible. His recreational interests include camping, racquetball, biking, snorkeling, and computers (

Talking Points

  • Proverbs reminds us continually to remember and not forget
  • In the Old Testament, most examples of sinning happen between 40-60
  • Success can lead to susceptibilityto sin
  • Proverbs in two sections (1-9, 10:31) section one: Father to son section two: one sentence sayings
  • Anybody who loves truth loves questions
  • Makingdecisions in light of God’s wisdom
  • “Wisdom takes the long view”
  • “What’s going to matter to me in 10 years?”

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