TMCP 142: Rob Shive on How to Revive a Marriage

What do you do if your marriage is on the ropes? How do you work with your spouse to get it back on the right track? In this episode, Christian counselor Rob Shive shares some great thoughts.

TMCP 142: Rob Shive on How to Revive a Marriage

Rob is a native of Charlotte, NC, and has four children, one of whom is internationally adopted from China. Rob and his wife, Karen, also a professional counselor, conduct marriage conferences, premarital seminars, and marriage enrichment weekends. In his free time, Rob enjoys road and mountain biking, fishing, camping, hiking, date nights, family time, and service projects. He also enjoys reading about theology, philosophy, the integration of psychology and theology, and orphan care. Rob’s passion for marriage and the family is born out of his own experience and work to build a healthy marriage, as well as the tremendous education he has received in helping hundreds of distressed couples find hope, work through difficult problems, and rebuild their relationships.

Episode Talking Points

  • Rob's journey to Christ and processing family trauma
  • Moving forward
  • Hurting pastors
  • Marital revival
  • Trust in marital relationships
  • "Consumer marriage"
  • Pursuer/Withdrawer cycle
  • Truth-telling
  • Remember, Repent, Redo