Should I Quit When Things Are Difficult?

Should I Quit When Things Are Difficult?

When I was doing my doctorate program, I was excited to join the program. I got to meet new professors and meet new colleagues; elevating my academic level to a new status.

On the outside, everything looked good, but halfway through the program, I began to feel seriously discouraged and weary from the process. Several times when I submitted my papers, they would be rejected over and over again. In my mind it was perfect, but in the eyes of the school, it needed more work. I was constantly told to rewrite this, delete this, and change what I was doing. Back-and-forth back-and-forth. I got so tired of the process I just wanted to quit. I wanted to get out.

Have you been feeling like that lately? What is the point of doing what I’m doing when all I ever face is discouragement, depression, and hopelessness? You want to ask God, “Is there even a light at the end of the tunnel?”

I can assure what you are feeling is normal. Any person who’s walking with Christ will feel tired at times. But there is hope. When you begin to look at your problem as a pathway, a door closing as an opening, or your threshing point as an opportunity- you will change the way you press on.

Jesus understands this better than anyone. When he began his ministry on earth there was all this excitement. He was healing the blind, the mute, and the deaf. Casting out demons. Turning water into wine. Turning five loaves of bread and two fish into feeding over five thousand people. These were the high points of his ministry.

But it’s the same Jesus you will find in the Garden of Gethsemane who gets on his knee. Sweat drops of blood fall to the ground. Begging God to change his course. “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22:42). Essentially what Jesus was saying is I don’t want to go through this but I will go through it for your will and purpose and I will get to the end.

We can have the same posture too. When God calls us to do something and it is hard, remember he also gives us the grace to carry that burden. We are not alone. Right now, your job, marriage, health, kids whatever it is might not be easy. It’s hard.

Don’t stop now. Get to the end.

We are reminded that when Jesus died on the cross and when he rose three days later something big and wonderful happened for us -salvation for the world. Something big will happen for you too if you keep going and get to the end.

I finally did complete my doctorate, and I have my mother to thank that I got to the end. She’s the one that encouraged me and told me to complete the assignment. After I completed my doctorate we decided to have a party celebration. I had family friends come together and we had a joyous occasion. I was glad it was over, but what I did not expect was that after finishing my doctorate, many doors opened for me. Writing opportunities, being part of conversations, sitting on different boards. None of these things would’ve happened for me if I didn’t get to the end.

The same with us in life.  Let’s complete our assignment from God because when we do, a reward is sitting on the other side.