To Find Your Way You Have To Let Go Of The Steering Wheel

To Find Your Way You Have To Let Go Of The Steering Wheel

Are you frustrated with yourself right now because you would like to see something different in your life? Maybe you’re looking for a breakthrough or miracle. Maybe you’ve been waiting on God and it has been weeks, months, and even years. Are you feeling tired and you just want a way out?

Perhaps you relate to the woman in the Bible who was bleeding for 12 years and didn’t find healing despite paying doctors to help her. Or Elizabeth and Zachariah who prayed for a child. Or Joseph who was put in prison even though he was innocent and accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Every time these people approached God, they were at a standstill. Instead of victory, they were faced with defeat. They were trying to move forward, but nothing was moving in their life. Is that how you feel?

But, maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe we need to realize that some circumstances are not going to change because we want them to change. Maybe some circumstances are and should be labeled “it is what it is” and I can’t fix it.

You see, we live in a culture where everything is fast and immediate. If you want to get married, find someone (anyone for that matter), and just settle down. If you want the job, work hard and chase after it. If you want a house, work two jobs despite the economy.

But sometimes this way of thinking is false because we think all breakthroughs in life are dependent on us. We think that everything is about what we’re doing to make it happen. We say to ourselves I just have to work harder. I just have to push more. I just have to run after it then I will get what I want and things will change. But here’s a thought; maybe, just maybe some situations in life can only be resolved by God and only he can fix it.

If we believed this, we would do ourselves a favour. By simply letting go and letting God do what he needs to do. I mean perhaps that’s the reason we’re in the situation we are in, to teach us that we are not in control but he is.

It also doesn’t always help when the people around us try to give us advice about what we should or should not do about our situation. Although these people may want to help us, it is possible that they are pushing and forcing the hand of God. And in some cases, sometimes these same people are judging us for not doing more because they too have a pride issue and think they know better than God and his plan for our life.

But there are simply some situations in life that cannot be resolved by anyone or anything; only by God. It is what it is and when is the right time God can fix it.

God can open your womb at the right time and you can become pregnant. He can let you meet your spouse and then you get married. He can open the door and you get a job. He can heal your body and you are free from sickness. He can do the impossible.

Rather than expending your energy and trying to fix your circumstance. Rather than listening to people who are giving you the wrong advice. Rather than us giving people the wrong advice. We simply need to listen and be still and know that he is God and when the time is right, God can fix it.

Life is not about us fixing every problem and knowing all the answers. It’s about trusting God as we journey with him. The truth is if we could fix every problem on our terms then we wouldn’t need God.

But instead, we get the privilege of going through some circumstances which are “it is what it is” and the only person who can fix it is God. Nothing more and nothing less. Because here’s the truth – when God fixes the problem for us it will remind us that there indeed is a God, he is good, and he is still doing amazing miracles in our lives today! No point in fussing over the “it is what it is” situation when God already knows about it and he will answer it according to his time, his way, and for his purpose.