TMCP 145: Kayla Craig On Developing Unforced Rhythms For Parenting

Have you found it difficult to maintain healthy spiritual rhythms in seasons of life change? In today's episode, Kayla Craig talks with Ez and Dave about life with God during the ever-changing cycles of parenting.

TMCP 145: Kayla Craig On Developing Unforced Rhythms For Parenting

Kayla Craig is a parent to four wild, wonderful kids and the author of Every Season Sacred and  To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers & Liturgies for Parents. With more than 100 modern liturgies, Kayla’s nuanced writing guides you into an intentional conversation with God for your children and their world. Kayla's background is in journalism, and she hopes to bring curiosity and compassion to how she shows up not only as a writer and podcaster but as a neighbor, friend, and mother. She's a regular contributor to PBS KIDS for Parents and shares faithful explorations as an (in)courage contributor, too. Kayla is the creator of the popular Liturgies for Parents Instagram account, where she shares liturgies (and breath prayers) for parents that are relevant to our real, lived experiences. She's grateful for the many Christian traditions and backgrounds that have widened her faith, and her wonder-shaped writing has been featured in a vast array of books, devotionals, and Bible studies.

Episode Talking Points

  • Coming to faith in Christ
  • Healthy life rhythms
  • Meeting God through our children
  • Unforced family rhythms
  • Breath prayers
  • What to do when we fail as parents
  • Cycles in parenting


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