TMCP 166: Gareth Cockerill on Understanding Hebrews and the Old Testament

How do Hebrews relate to the Old Testament? How does God speak through Hebrews today? Garreth Cockerill talks on this and more in this episode.

TMCP 166: Gareth Cockerill on Understanding Hebrews and the Old Testament

In this conversation, Dr. Gareth Cockerill discusses the importance of understanding the Old Testament and how the book of Hebrews helps us in this regard. He explains that Hebrews provides a consistent interpretation of the Old Testament, showing how Jesus fulfills the prophecies and the Mosaic Covenant. The Old Testament is seen as a picture and type of Christ, and its purpose is to lead us to Jesus.

The promise of restoration through Abraham is central to understanding the Old Testament's relevance for all of humanity. Dr. Cockerill emphasizes the need for obedient fellowship with God, harmonious fellowship with the people of God, and responsible enjoyment of God's world. Perseverance in faith is key, and it is achieved by staying close to the Lord, studying His word, and drawing near to Him through prayer. The book of Hebrews is summarized as pointing to the all-sufficient Christ.

Talking Points: 

  • The Importance of Understanding the Old Testament
  • Hebrews' Transformation of the Old Testament
  • Consistent Interpretation of the Old Testament in Hebrews
  • The Purpose of the Old Testament Leading to Jesus
  • The Picture of Christ in the Old Testament
  • Understanding the Sabbath Day in Hebrews
  • Defining Great Faith in Hebrews
  • Living by Faith in Hebrews