TMCP 160: Ezra and Elliot on New Beginnings

Happy New Year and new beginnings! What can come from this new year? How to grow in our devotion to God? That's what Ezra and Elliot talk about in this new episode.

TMCP 160: Ezra and Elliot on New Beginnings

This conversation introduces the Daily Devotional and provides an overview of what to expect. It emphasizes the importance of reflecting on the past year and the need for growth in one's walk with God. The conversation explores the concept of guilt and the 1% rule for personal improvement. It also delves into the desire for authenticity. The structure of the Daily Devotional is explained, and the audience is encouraged to engage by leaving comments and questions.

Episode Talking Points:

  • New TMC Devotional
  • New Beginnings for 2024
  • Stagnation in the Christian Faith
  • Dealing with Guilt
  • The 1% Rule 
  • Authenticity in Relationships
  • Engaging with the Devotional