TMCP 134: Jon Pyle on Valuing Care Over Content

In this episode, we cover a lot of different topics. These include Jon's journey to faith in Christ and what he perceives are the key needs of this generation.

TMCP 134: Jon Pyle on Valuing Care Over Content

Jon Pyle is a Digital Pastor who serves the people of CityChurch San Antonio and created his own podcast about making the church "Better on the Inside". As a teenager in the late 90's, Jon converted to Christianity from his first religion: Pop Culture. He is a fun sock enthusiast, retired sports blogger, tea drinker, and world-class hugger.

Episode Talking Points

  • Jon's journey to Christ as a youth group outcast
  • Processing emotions
  • Working through painful life experiences
  • Care and content in the Church
  • Christianity: is it good?
  • The iceberg metaphor
  • Better on the Inside Podcast and Jon's philosophy of conversation