TMCP 105: Jake Meador on What Christians Are For

TMCP 105: Jake Meador on What Christians Are For

Jake Meador is the editor in chief of Mere Orthodoxy, an online magazine covering the Christian faith in the public sphere, and a contributing editor with Plough. His first book was In Search of the Common Good: Christian Fidelity in a Fractured World. Jake’s work has been published in First Things, National Review, Books & Culture, Commonweal, Christianity Today, Front Porch Republic, and the University Bookman. He lives with his wife and children in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Episode Talking Points

  • Journey to faith in a fundamentalist congregation
  • Deconstruction and the importance of his family
  • Church in proximity
  • Courage to be a whole Christian
  • Jake’s plane story
  • Justice and Piety
  • Telling the Christian metanarrative


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